Hand Scrubber Gloves (Random Color)


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✔ ECO FRIENDLY & FOOD GRADE MATERIAL CERTIFIED- The Magic Hand Scrubby silicone scrubber gloves are designed and engineered non-slip grip material, it is a one-size gloves that fits perfectly. Our soft cleaning scrubby gloves are made with high quality Japanese Food grade silicon. Natural grade silicone is gentle and soft unlike other rough and industrial grade materials
✔ MULTIPURPOSE USE AND OPTIMAL RESULTS- Dishwashing, Pet Grooming, Car Cleaning, Backsplash, Washrooms & Much More! Heat Resistant, Use under boiling water and hot dishes from the oven! Dishwasher Safe- Easy Cleaning-Throw it in the dishwasher to clean
✔ NON ABSORBANT & ANTIBACTERIAL FOOD GRADE SILICONE- The Magic Hand scrubbers are Japanese made 100% food grade silicone, which is naturally antibacterial product unlike your typical kitchen sponge- doesn’t hold or contain bacteria, grease, dirt, or scent. Non-Toxic Materials
✔ PRODUCT DURABILITY- Our mission is to provide a product that lasts a lifetime. We partner with manufactures that have the highest regard for intense quality control & operation procedures. Quality and service is our top priority, partnered and in business with mills and factories that carry ethical and responsible conduct in highest regard. We strive in social and environmental compliance!

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